Pig Out — Hogs and Humans in Global and Historical Context

Presenter Instructions

Roundtable Presentation Guidelines

(TBA — Please note that guidelines for participants in conference roundtables will differ from guidelines for participants in the Saturday–Sunday academic panels.)

Academic Presentation Guidelines

The intent of the conference, above all, is to foster discussion among a group of interested and knowledgeable scholars and practitioners. For this reason, panels will be held in a single session (rather than parallel sessions) and ample time will be given to post-panel discussion and audience questions. The 90-minute panels will consist of three speakers, and each speaker will have a maximum of 20 minutes (strictly enforced) to present his or her paper. The remainder of the session will be devoted to audience questions and discussion.

Pre-Circulated Papers 

Although a pre-circulated conference paper is not required, we hope you will consider sharing the written version of your talk, in order to foster better discussion and audience feedback. These papers should be sent by October 1st at latest (and earlier if possible) to pig.out.2015@yale.edu. Papers will be stored in a password-protected online folder accessible only to registered conference participants.

If the work underpinning your presentation has already been published, and you would like to upload an article or excerpt to share, you may also submit such writings to be placed in the online folder.

Powerpoint and Audiovisual Facilities

The presentation venue will be outfitted with microphones for speakers, and a PC computer for PowerPoint or Keynote presentations. If you plan to use a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation to accompany your talk, we ask that you please send this to us ahead of time so that we can load it to the computer prior to your presentation. We ask that you send your presentations by, at latest, Thursday, October 15th, at 5 pm. These may be sent to pig.out.2015@yale.edu.

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